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SIT Indeva is a company fully dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of polyurethane belts for industrial applications. We are constantly growing together with our customers, in product and process innovation, to develop the best polyurethane belts for every industrial application. SIT Indeva manufactures polyurethane belts for linear motion, conveying and power transmission applications. The combination of a polyurethane body reinforced with special steel or aramid tension members, makes the belt perform under the most severe requirements in all industrial applications. The unique manufacturing processes, achieved with the newest generation technologies, along with modern and efficient test and control equipment, allow SIT Indeva to deliver superior products with the highest accommodating service. ELATECH offers the widest range of tooth profiles to enable the design engineer the use of the best drive for every application. In addition to that, for special applications, ELATECH analyzes and delivers innovative and unique solutions to even the most complex requirements.

A wide variety of backings in different materials make
ELATECH belts ideal for all conveying applications where synchronization is required. The designer has unlimited possibilities to provide unique designs.

Mechanical Profile Application System is specially designed for attaching cleats that cannot be welded onto polyurethane timing belts.

Mechanical Fastening System allows machine designers and builders to appreciate the cost savings associated with being able to design their equipment around the installation principle of EMF.

It is possible to attach profiles on polyurethane belts for conveying, handling and positioning applications. The cleats are produced in the same material of the belts in order to guarantee the maximum strength. The belts with profiles allow a synchronized conveyance of the products at very high speeds and low noise.

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